The words on your website are the most important part of your communications with customers. There is a tendency to think that anyone can write for the web. I have 15 years experience as an online copywriter, including running my own successful start-up, so I know exactly what is involved in copywriting effectively online.

When you start a business, whether it is online or bricks and mortar, you should have some essential things in place. These include:

  • ┬áMission statement – who you are, what you do and why
  • Press release – explaining what your business is and what it does
  • Website – even if it is just a basic five page site, it should work beautifully and contain all the information your users will need
  • Email marketing and social media strategy
  • Traditional stationery – headed paper, business cards, they still come in handy!

Get in touch with me to have a chat about how Toccaweb can provide copywriting services for your business with a complete suite of marketing and communications materials at an affordable price. I am always happy to hear from agencies who have a requirement for a professional copywriter.