Emails & Newsletters

Writing really effective emails and newsletters for your customers is a challenge if you try to do it internally. Toccaweb helps businesses create consistent and effective emails and newsletters, whether they are for existing customers or new prospects. Many websites have a “Sign up for a Newsletter” functionality. But how many sign ups do they actually get? And how many newsletters do they really send out?

Throughout my time running my own online publishing business, we sent thousands of emails to customers – some worked, some didn’t. But every time we did it, we learned how to improve. I can now apply my experience and knowledge to your business when it comes to email marketing.

If you are struggling to find time to manage a list of email newsletter sign-ups, you can’t commit to regularly sending out a monthly bulletin, or you run out of ideas as to what to put in your newsletter or other email communications, then I can help.

Contact me for a free phone or Skype consultation about your website newsletters and email communications.