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How not to write a blog post for your website

Everybody knows that having a blog on your website is a¬†good thing. The extra updated content boosts your SEO, customers are impressed by your expertise and it makes for some very shareable content for all your social media channels. But having a blog page on your site can also be a challenge. There are very […]

Rebecca Oliver

Never Mind SEO – is your Website HMO’d?

One of the first things that a client will ask is if I can write content that is "search engine friendly", or if I can"write for SEO". Obviously it is important that your website content is optimised for search results, but this is not nearly enough. SEO-friendly content will ensure that Google or Bing pick [...]

Introducing Toccaweb

Toccaweb founder, Rebecca Oliver The first post on a new blog is always a daunting challenge.Whenever I sit down and actually think of all the things I could write about, it is rather like looking at Amazon and trying to think of a book that you want, or browsing iTunes and trying to remember the [...]